Dixie Belle Clear Coat -Flat/Satin/Gloss

Dixie Belle Clear Coat -Flat/Satin/Gloss

Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat adds that extra robustness to your projects, as and when required, allows you to apply a different final finish to your piece from the natural paint finish, and it can also act as a base prior to the application of decorative accenting products. 

This product comes in three finishes - Flat, Satin and Gloss. If your project requires the toughest top coat (kitchen cupboards, painted tabletops for instance), consider using Gator Hide.

PLEASE NOTE: Water-based sealers such as Clear Coat are best used over lighter colours as they are non-yellowing. Over darker colours they can appear ‘cloudy’ if applied too thickly. Consider an oil-based sealer over very dark colours (Hemp Seed Oil, Big Mama’s Butta or Fusion’s Stain & Finishing Oil), or take care to ensure a very thin application. 

How to Apply:
It’s simple to use, allow your last coat of paint at least an hour to dry (more in colder or damp conditions) then, using a damp brush or the Blue Gator Hide Sponge, apply a very thin, even layer of Clear Coat and allow to dry. Do not over work the application; work in small sections. After about an hour it should be dry and then you can apply a second coat to make it even. Repeat with an extra coat if you feel your project needs it. 

Wash your brush/sponge in warm soapy water after use. Dixie Belle’s Clear Coat is water resistant and can be cleaned using a non-abrasive cleaner after just 7 days.

**TOP TIP – for large flat areas such as sideboard tops, paint on your chosen Clear Coat finish and then wipe it off with one of our Lint-free Microfibre Applicator Pads or the Blue Gator Hide Sponge for a totally even, brushstroke-free and flawless finish**

If your project starts to show yellow stains, this is not the clear coat, it’s a common issue in furniture painting known as ‘bleed through’. Sometimes the furniture you are working on could have tannins in the wood that are bleeding through the paint, or there could be a heavy stain, or it could even have absorbed nicotine in a house with smokers in its past life. 

When you apply the clear coat over your painted piece, it can exacerbate the problem by drawing the stain through the paint. However, now that you have clear coated the piece, it is sealed and that should block the stain from coming through again, so go ahead and re-paint.