Funeral Flower Costs



£50.00 per letter




A round floral arrangement in an Oasis and dish with seasonal flowers. Can be made with any colours, flowers vary depending on season and availability.


Starting from £25.00




These are created on an Oasis frame using fresh seasonal flowers in the colours of your choice. Content may vary depending on the season and availability. The starting prices are as follows


  • 12 inch – From £45.00

  • 14 inch – From £55.00

  • 16 inch – From £65.00

  • 18 inch – From £75.00

  • 20 inch – From £95.00




A Coffin Spray is a large double ended spray in an Oasis and tray that sits on top of the coffin. These can be made in the colours of your choice, however flowers vary depending on availability and if they are in season. They go up in size with the corresponding starting price depending on their content


  • 3ft – from £100.00

  • 4ft – from £130.00

  • 5ft – from £160.00

  • 6ft – from £200.00




These tributes are created on an Oasis frame, and can either be based in Chrysanthemum with spray and ribbon edge in your choice of colour. Or they can be created in a loose design of mixed flowers, in your choice of colour and matching ribbon edge. These are available in the following sizes and starting prices;


  • Small - Approx 13” - from £60.00

  • Medium – Approx 15” - from £85.00

  • Large – Approx 17” - from £110.00




We can create something that is completely original and/or personal to you. For further enquiries please contact either via email or phone.